понедељак, 25. јун 2012.

After a long time, here I am!

After a long, long time.. About a month ago, I told you school was in my way of blogging and that I had to take a break. I also said that I will post only on Mondays but I didn't, so yeah, I lied again. Who cares, I'm back and it's good to be back. Of course there's always the bad news and that is I'm not gonna make a normal post today, but rather just introduce my forgotten self to my beloved crowd.
Like you know I'm preparing another blog so it may take some time but I will inform you when I plan to start. As for this blog I will start posting on this Wednesday or Friday.
Before I go I would just like to write you a poem I wrote 5 min. from now.. Yes, in the future.

The moon sends the light,
As white as it sounds.
The table is flipped over,
So the ants can crawl.
No need in preparing,
The bottom is high.
I will push you down the stairs,
You are my beloved one.

субота, 26. мај 2012.

Quick Shout Out!

I just want to inform you that in the next two weeks I will be doing blogging only once a week and to be precise on Mondays. I really tried but everything just keeps me from blogging on Friday, though once school ends and all the other things pass I will have free time to blog and also get on with my band.
This too shall pass, so once it does I will be back with more great content, ideas and time to also check your blogs. So excuse me for this time, but I have to go study...
You know how they say, first finish school and then do drugs.

понедељак, 21. мај 2012.

Let's play a game!

I hate to say it but I have to make excuses again..
First of all sorry for not posting on Friday and I've got a valid reason why I didn't post. Well you see I could say school got in the way, but because I barely do anything there, I can't say that. The real reason is because The Youth Festival is in my town this Tuesday and I was suppose to play with my band, but because our lame ass guitarist we had to cancel our play.
I've been preparing for it like one whole day! And today he tells me we can't play?! But of course he'll be playing with another band, probably because they have a chick vocalist. Well guess what.. He's been officially kicked out of the band, there I said it here so it's official!
So after this devastating defeat, I would love if you could go and follow us on Twitter. Our band is called Wrong Enough and here's the link: http://twitter.com/#!/WrongEnoughBand
We'll be recording our songs that are already done. Our songs are against politics, humorous songs and just random songs telling a random story for fun.
So I think it can relate to this blog and that you'll like it! Also I can follow you back.

I'm done with bitching and promoting my band, so let's hop on to something I do for you and that's called entertainment.
So as you know, not a long time ago, about a long time ago, Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed. What you may not know is that he's been playing a game called "Hide 'n' Seek" along with others like Ratko Mladic, Anna Frank, Waldo and such...
So after seeing this, a few girls wanted to make their own game called "Daddy when I grow up, I'm gonna be a crackhead". So far this game has been played by many girls and women, but the few that are the most famous right now are Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse who sadly left the game in the past few years. But the good thing is that we still have our candidates! Two young ladies who are still fresh and playing are Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna. World who do you think is going to leave the game first?
Didn't have a "World" question in a long time so I thought I could ask one right now and one again this Friday. So who do you think is going to leave the game first? Write in the comments.

Hold on World through this rough two weeks of school and my shitty blogs because I really can't put my everything in blogging when I have school. But in two weeks I'm done with school and I promise you that you'll have much more and much better material to read and also that I will have a few side projects that are going to be crazy! So please understand me and you'll be rewarded!

понедељак, 14. мај 2012.

Would you like meat balls and a sausage?

This post came way too fast and by "came" I mean the verb "to come". Right now for the first time let's not make this intro long.
Straight to the topic, which is hard to think of. I decided that I may be doing some life tips and sort of life tutorials in the near future, just so I can help you more rather than just giving you information and making you laugh (Yeah, like I do that). I won'y give you any hints on what the subject or the theme of the blog will be, but I will tell you the exact day when I plan out the blogging on my life tips.
I thought of making a second blog just for that use. I would like if my current followers would follow that blog too, that's why I will tell when I plan on doing that.

Now that we've got that done, let's move on...
I have a strong urge to quote you someone who commented on some site, I can't remember what, and this is what he wrote: "Sometimes I fill my bathtub with tomato sauce, I get in and pretend I'm a meat ball".
Yeah... I know there are a lot sentences like this one and I don't know if it's a trend or something, but I first saw it when people typed one or more random words in Google and watched for suggested list, usually there sentences would be there. Though I don't know why people search for this kind of stuff...

Similar things are: "Sometimes I like to dig a hole in my yard, get in it and pretend I'm a carrot" and "I like to get in my couch and pretend I'm a remote".
How can something so stupid be so entertaining at the same time? I know there are a lot more like these, so if you have a soul, please write some in the comments or just make up your own!

About the "World" question. No one really answered my question. I know I set multiple questions, but the "What was your most fucked up dream?" question, no one answered.
So I'm sorry but I will end this post with...

субота, 12. мај 2012.

You want a cookie?

Hey there, it's been a while... Like you may have noticed, I skipped Wednesday and got back to my Monday-Friday schedule, but yes, I didn't have time to post yesterday. I will ask you nicely to not judge me on that, because in a week or two I will be free of school and I will get my self together with blogging.

I noticed that all my intros are about me giving you excuses why I don't blog like I should, but what can you do? Everyone has to make excuses in some part of their life. Like why didn't you do your homework or why weren't you home last night? Or maybe why did you sleep with your neighbor... 's dog?
Actually the last one doesn't need excuses. I mean did you see what today's dogs are wearing?
What? That's weird for you guys?
Well you should have seen when one time my friends got me drunk, dressed me as a woman, put a wig on my head and signed me up for some TV contest, I don't know. They did all that in one day!
When I got on the stage at that contest, people laughed at me because I looked stupid I guess, but being a drunk ass I was, I started singing something. Right when I sang the first note, people got quite. I think it's because people are polite and don't like to interrupt others, even if they are drunks or like most people said they liked my singing, which is hard.
Anyway I don't know what happened later, but my friends took a picture and they said I looked like that. Here's the picture guys and I hope you don't laugh...

World what do you think about psychology? Stop! Don't tell me... Because I don't care.
Just kidding, I want you to turn on your brains and discuss a really difficult subject in the comments, and that subject is "dreams".
I wanna know what do you think dreams are for, how do we dream and everything about dreams you know. I also want to know what was the most fucked up dream you ever dreamed of?

If you ask me I think the purpose of dreams is to get free of urges like having sex, killing or harming someone and all things like that which we can't do whenever we want in our modern society. Sciences says that every human has or will dream of being naked in public. All though if you were naked in public in real life, then you might not dream of it.
This much from me in today's (should-be-yesterday's) post. Like always thanks for reading and commenting. You can expect a new post this Monday. Goodbye and till then have a nice day full of delicious fresh baked vanilla flavored with sprinkles chocolate filled and on low fire grilled cookies.

понедељак, 07. мај 2012.

Can't come up with a title

Let's start this one off with I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not posting on the last week, but like I said I was on a school trip and also on Friday my birthday got in the way of me making my post. Now that I lied my way out, we can start the show.
Is the set ready? Can we bring in our today's guest? Okay! Pull the curtains.. It's me!
Who else would it be? I don't have guests on my show, though I plan in the future, I'll make some sort of web interviews with more and less famous people I am in contact with.
Until then let's have a talk with me, about I don't know.. I noticed my intros are becoming longer and longer with every post and I'm doing just that right now, but can you really blame me?
Well you can, but remember I'm doing this just for you my fellow readers. I don't have an AdSense account so I'm not doing this for money, but I gotta admit since school started again, I am having problems with bloging and it's becoming more of a challenge. Maybe I'll have to go back to my Monday-Friday schedule.

This intro was really long and finally we're moving to new topics on old news!
Tomorrow Metallica is coming to Belgrade! Everyone expects a crazy night and an awesome show and "The Metal Rush" blog will be posting about his experience on tomorrow's Metallica concert, so check out his blog on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. As for me, I will be on their press conference and I hope I'll get a signature or if not, maybe I'll manage to catch a flying pick or at least take a photo...
Or I might as well listen to Gojira before Machine Head and Metallica and after that get drunk so I can sleep through the whole Metallica concert. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Sorry again for the last week and sorry for today, but I was just desperate to post something. Hope you don't mind it and the best comment on my last post is by cutestcatintheworld.
And his comment was: "Got drunk a couple of weeks ago. I used to never drink but lately I have been. I was alone and mostly just chilled out in my room then went to sleep." (The reason why I like this comment is because I think it's cool this guy didn't get drunk in front of other guys just to prove how badass he is. If you like to do something, do it when you want to, not just in front of others.. But you know how they say. If no one saw it, it doesn't count - no one said that.)

петак, 27. април 2012.

Christmas is far away, but this post is not

Hello all and welcome, I would like to say a few(er) words.
For one I want to thank all my followers and those who take time to read and comment on my posts, it really means much too me and I'm glad you enjoy my work.
The other thing that I want to tell you is if you have some friends with similar interests like you, please tell them about my blog or send them a link. Or you can suggest me to some of your followers.
Do whatever you can to spread the word about my blog and I can return the favor by promoting you on my Wednesday posts. Cheers!

Now let's play a little game. I will describe something and you try to guess who or what it is. Okay? Here we go. *They suck at doing their job, even if they want to help you, they don't know how. They are ignorant and know exactly what to say, so they don't have to listen to what you have to say. Also you have to wait like a year and a half for them to help you or at least respond.*
If you guessed "Online Service Support", congratulations! You've won a free chance to comment on my post and ask for anything you want. Who knows, maybe next Christmas Santa will bring you just what you asked for!

A little tip on the side, when you prepare your milk and cookies for Santa, put rat poison in the milk and spray the cookies with strong window cleaner. Then when Santa eats the cookies he'll feel a little dizzy, so when he tries to cool it off with milk, he'll get food poisoning. He'll start vomiting and may ruin your carpet, but be ready to open his bag and reward yourself with hundreds of presents meant for homeless children in need. If you get lucky you may also find Billy Mays' Kaboom to clean your puked carpet. Just don't forget to dump the body. Try putting it on a local metro or a train, people won't suspect a thing, because seeing a drunk Santa is a common thing...

We'll that we'll be it for today because tomorrow I am going for a school trip and will be back on Monday, need to pack my things now. So I hope I'll come up with something along the way for our Monday post. Today's "World" question will be related to our previous post. If you haven't read it, here's the link: http://www.thecarouselshow.blogspot.com/2012/04/being-drunk-doesnt-bring-luck.html
And the question is, when was the first time you got drunk and how bad was it (for you and the innocent people around you)?
Well like always, thanks for reading, I'll hopefully be with you again this Monday with some good material.