понедељак, 21. мај 2012.

Let's play a game!

I hate to say it but I have to make excuses again..
First of all sorry for not posting on Friday and I've got a valid reason why I didn't post. Well you see I could say school got in the way, but because I barely do anything there, I can't say that. The real reason is because The Youth Festival is in my town this Tuesday and I was suppose to play with my band, but because our lame ass guitarist we had to cancel our play.
I've been preparing for it like one whole day! And today he tells me we can't play?! But of course he'll be playing with another band, probably because they have a chick vocalist. Well guess what.. He's been officially kicked out of the band, there I said it here so it's official!
So after this devastating defeat, I would love if you could go and follow us on Twitter. Our band is called Wrong Enough and here's the link: http://twitter.com/#!/WrongEnoughBand
We'll be recording our songs that are already done. Our songs are against politics, humorous songs and just random songs telling a random story for fun.
So I think it can relate to this blog and that you'll like it! Also I can follow you back.

I'm done with bitching and promoting my band, so let's hop on to something I do for you and that's called entertainment.
So as you know, not a long time ago, about a long time ago, Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed. What you may not know is that he's been playing a game called "Hide 'n' Seek" along with others like Ratko Mladic, Anna Frank, Waldo and such...
So after seeing this, a few girls wanted to make their own game called "Daddy when I grow up, I'm gonna be a crackhead". So far this game has been played by many girls and women, but the few that are the most famous right now are Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse who sadly left the game in the past few years. But the good thing is that we still have our candidates! Two young ladies who are still fresh and playing are Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna. World who do you think is going to leave the game first?
Didn't have a "World" question in a long time so I thought I could ask one right now and one again this Friday. So who do you think is going to leave the game first? Write in the comments.

Hold on World through this rough two weeks of school and my shitty blogs because I really can't put my everything in blogging when I have school. But in two weeks I'm done with school and I promise you that you'll have much more and much better material to read and also that I will have a few side projects that are going to be crazy! So please understand me and you'll be rewarded!

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  1. I followed your band on twitter but to be honest I don't use twitter much, don't really know why I have one.

    I didn't know Lindsay Lohan was still on this world? I thought for sure she left the galaxy by now. I think LL definitely will leave the game first.

    Don't worry about us, school comes first. We will be here when you have more time.

    1. I just started using Twitter and only for band purposes. Never used it for my personal activities.

      I was kidding, I'm doing great in school it's just that I lost a month because of my mononucleosis and I have all the test now packed into two weeks.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Interested to hear the songs when they're recorded.