понедељак, 14. мај 2012.

Would you like meat balls and a sausage?

This post came way too fast and by "came" I mean the verb "to come". Right now for the first time let's not make this intro long.
Straight to the topic, which is hard to think of. I decided that I may be doing some life tips and sort of life tutorials in the near future, just so I can help you more rather than just giving you information and making you laugh (Yeah, like I do that). I won'y give you any hints on what the subject or the theme of the blog will be, but I will tell you the exact day when I plan out the blogging on my life tips.
I thought of making a second blog just for that use. I would like if my current followers would follow that blog too, that's why I will tell when I plan on doing that.

Now that we've got that done, let's move on...
I have a strong urge to quote you someone who commented on some site, I can't remember what, and this is what he wrote: "Sometimes I fill my bathtub with tomato sauce, I get in and pretend I'm a meat ball".
Yeah... I know there are a lot sentences like this one and I don't know if it's a trend or something, but I first saw it when people typed one or more random words in Google and watched for suggested list, usually there sentences would be there. Though I don't know why people search for this kind of stuff...

Similar things are: "Sometimes I like to dig a hole in my yard, get in it and pretend I'm a carrot" and "I like to get in my couch and pretend I'm a remote".
How can something so stupid be so entertaining at the same time? I know there are a lot more like these, so if you have a soul, please write some in the comments or just make up your own!

About the "World" question. No one really answered my question. I know I set multiple questions, but the "What was your most fucked up dream?" question, no one answered.
So I'm sorry but I will end this post with...

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  1. These ideas are incredible and I'll probably be trying them soon

  2. Whats up with asking me about all this food LOL. First cookies and now meatballs and sausage. My mouth is starting to water.

  3. Maybe I'll do a cooking tutorial just for you! Hahahah
    I probably get hungry while I blog, so it kind of takes a way the pain... kind of, or it makes it worse.
    Thanks for commenting!