субота, 12. мај 2012.

You want a cookie?

Hey there, it's been a while... Like you may have noticed, I skipped Wednesday and got back to my Monday-Friday schedule, but yes, I didn't have time to post yesterday. I will ask you nicely to not judge me on that, because in a week or two I will be free of school and I will get my self together with blogging.

I noticed that all my intros are about me giving you excuses why I don't blog like I should, but what can you do? Everyone has to make excuses in some part of their life. Like why didn't you do your homework or why weren't you home last night? Or maybe why did you sleep with your neighbor... 's dog?
Actually the last one doesn't need excuses. I mean did you see what today's dogs are wearing?
What? That's weird for you guys?
Well you should have seen when one time my friends got me drunk, dressed me as a woman, put a wig on my head and signed me up for some TV contest, I don't know. They did all that in one day!
When I got on the stage at that contest, people laughed at me because I looked stupid I guess, but being a drunk ass I was, I started singing something. Right when I sang the first note, people got quite. I think it's because people are polite and don't like to interrupt others, even if they are drunks or like most people said they liked my singing, which is hard.
Anyway I don't know what happened later, but my friends took a picture and they said I looked like that. Here's the picture guys and I hope you don't laugh...

World what do you think about psychology? Stop! Don't tell me... Because I don't care.
Just kidding, I want you to turn on your brains and discuss a really difficult subject in the comments, and that subject is "dreams".
I wanna know what do you think dreams are for, how do we dream and everything about dreams you know. I also want to know what was the most fucked up dream you ever dreamed of?

If you ask me I think the purpose of dreams is to get free of urges like having sex, killing or harming someone and all things like that which we can't do whenever we want in our modern society. Sciences says that every human has or will dream of being naked in public. All though if you were naked in public in real life, then you might not dream of it.
This much from me in today's (should-be-yesterday's) post. Like always thanks for reading and commenting. You can expect a new post this Monday. Goodbye and till then have a nice day full of delicious fresh baked vanilla flavored with sprinkles chocolate filled and on low fire grilled cookies.

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  1. I judge u! naah just kidden' ;P

    Hmm dream. Well a hard subject to discuss. Freud and Jung meant that the meaning of dreams is to satisfy needs and archetypal symbols, while neuropsychologicals have a theory that the brain in dreams organizes and sorts the previous day's impressions and experiences.

    I agree with both.

    1. And I agree with you. Sometimes in dreams we can see people that we don't know, but they may be just some random people that we passed on the street. While we didn't pay attention to them, our brain did and stored that information in our subconsciousness.
      It's all really complicated but fun to try and figure out.

  2. in my opinion dreams are the way the brain handles things the conscious cannot handle, even though they might seem to be fucked up its just the brain figuring something out. sometimes it might be just bs though.

  3. I don't remember having a dream of being naked in public, so either I haven't had one yet...or more likely is I simply have forgotten about it. It wouldn't be very dramatic to me really unless it was on national television or something. If I'm just at the mall naked or something, oh well...deal with it people. LOL