понедељак, 07. мај 2012.

Can't come up with a title

Let's start this one off with I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not posting on the last week, but like I said I was on a school trip and also on Friday my birthday got in the way of me making my post. Now that I lied my way out, we can start the show.
Is the set ready? Can we bring in our today's guest? Okay! Pull the curtains.. It's me!
Who else would it be? I don't have guests on my show, though I plan in the future, I'll make some sort of web interviews with more and less famous people I am in contact with.
Until then let's have a talk with me, about I don't know.. I noticed my intros are becoming longer and longer with every post and I'm doing just that right now, but can you really blame me?
Well you can, but remember I'm doing this just for you my fellow readers. I don't have an AdSense account so I'm not doing this for money, but I gotta admit since school started again, I am having problems with bloging and it's becoming more of a challenge. Maybe I'll have to go back to my Monday-Friday schedule.

This intro was really long and finally we're moving to new topics on old news!
Tomorrow Metallica is coming to Belgrade! Everyone expects a crazy night and an awesome show and "The Metal Rush" blog will be posting about his experience on tomorrow's Metallica concert, so check out his blog on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. As for me, I will be on their press conference and I hope I'll get a signature or if not, maybe I'll manage to catch a flying pick or at least take a photo...
Or I might as well listen to Gojira before Machine Head and Metallica and after that get drunk so I can sleep through the whole Metallica concert. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Sorry again for the last week and sorry for today, but I was just desperate to post something. Hope you don't mind it and the best comment on my last post is by cutestcatintheworld.
And his comment was: "Got drunk a couple of weeks ago. I used to never drink but lately I have been. I was alone and mostly just chilled out in my room then went to sleep." (The reason why I like this comment is because I think it's cool this guy didn't get drunk in front of other guys just to prove how badass he is. If you like to do something, do it when you want to, not just in front of others.. But you know how they say. If no one saw it, it doesn't count - no one said that.)

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  1. I thought you forgot about your blog but glad to see you're back! I'm a follower of "The Metal Rush" blog as well so I'm looking forward to reading about his experience.

    1. Nah, I would never forget. Wouldn't wanna leave my readers unhappy.
      Thanks for caring about my blog bro.

  2. Good to see you back, Metallica... awesome!