понедељак, 25. јун 2012.

After a long time, here I am!

After a long, long time.. About a month ago, I told you school was in my way of blogging and that I had to take a break. I also said that I will post only on Mondays but I didn't, so yeah, I lied again. Who cares, I'm back and it's good to be back. Of course there's always the bad news and that is I'm not gonna make a normal post today, but rather just introduce my forgotten self to my beloved crowd.
Like you know I'm preparing another blog so it may take some time but I will inform you when I plan to start. As for this blog I will start posting on this Wednesday or Friday.
Before I go I would just like to write you a poem I wrote 5 min. from now.. Yes, in the future.

The moon sends the light,
As white as it sounds.
The table is flipped over,
So the ants can crawl.
No need in preparing,
The bottom is high.
I will push you down the stairs,
You are my beloved one.

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