среда, 25. април 2012.

Being drunk doesn't bring luck

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So far it's been million years since the "making" of humans or at least primates. The evolution worked her ass off to get us where we are now, and how do we repay her?
Thomas Beatie, that's how. A man... a girl.. woman, manwo.. homo.. Let's just say "it". Thomas Beatie is the thing that was once a girl, but then it took surgeries in 2002 till 2012, so it can look like a male. What the hell is wrong with this world?!
The actual news about it is that it's wife of 9 years had left it because of "some" problems. It said "Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs." If you haven't noticed you are the "downs"! Woman finally made her right decision so let her go before she changes her mind to be stupid again...

Now let's get some nice less "will make me pissed off" news. Here's some.
Teens are getting drunk and alcohol poisoning from drinking alcohol from hand sanitizers!
This doesn't make me mad, actually it does the opposite (what ever the opposite of "mad" is).
This is hilarious! Teens being so stupid and desperate to drink alcohol. They search the internet for distillation instructions, so they can get the ethyl alcohol, which is like 65% in hand sanitizers. That's stronger than a shot of Vodka and it only takes a couple of swallows to get you drunk and/or in the hospital.
On the side I want to ask you, have you ever done this shit before and what was it like?

The best comment from our Friday post is a comment by Christopher: "Apes eating grapes" (though I still don't know is he's for the apes or grapes...)
And I would also like to tell you to check out //Max//'s blog. His blog is called "Random stuff" and he did write some random stuff, but he'll mostly be doing reviews on old and new games, so go and check it out!

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  1. Actually something I can relate to here.. Not the "heshe" or handsanitizer part, but a lot of people around me are pretty much drunks. It's sad to see at times...

    Thanks for the share as well! Much appreciated.

    Keep on blogging mate.

    1. I know how it feels.. I hardly even drink. I only drink like 1 beer when I'm not with my girlfriend(and that's rare). Other than that sometimes I like to make fun of drunks.
      No problem, you too mate.

  2. LOL hand sanitizer.. Teens these days will do anything to get drunk and high.

  3. super Blog...zanimljiv,svidjami se.
    PS:pridruzi se mom Blogu

  4. "have you ever done this shit before"

    No .. just no lol. Have to agree with you this is funny but pathetic.

  5. I know some people are really stupid, what is the rush to do it?

    1. Like Bouly said, kids these days will do anything to get drunk..