петак, 13. април 2012.

Bear Grylls grills bears

Good morning world and what a better morning could we ask for...
Is it noon already? Past?!
Well, good after noon world and what a better after noon could we ask for.
First I want to say one thing that might be interesting for us all. They captured a photo of a "monolith" on Mars, which brings us all one step closer to our friends aliens. Yay!
What's interesting is that in most movies or cartoons, the aliens are always highly intelligent and ahead of us in every way, but here, they just now managed to build a monolith. There are two explanations for this. First is that the aliens on Mars were created yesterday and as soon as they were created, they made this monolith, and the second is that this is fake or just some random stone that appeared on Mars, which is probably the case.
That a side, I want to talk to you about something that happened about a month ago. Apparently The Discovery Channel fired Bear Grylls because they couldn't reach agreement on new programming.
What was he thinking? You can't make a living out of eating all kind of weird and gross stuff that I won't name here. I mean "Two girls one cup" tried to pull that one off and they were a hit only for a short time, I guess.
And I don't want to sound like a stand-up comedian, mostly because I'm sitting, but jokes a side I think bear did some great shows. I really liked that one where he was all big and riding that little red bike. Oh man I love circus, but I hate clowns...

I just started blogging and I hope you liked my first post and I would be glad if you could join me again on my next one. You can leave in the comments your clown exceptions ( from movies, cartoons, games...) and explain why you think that clown is cool. In my next blog I will write three best comments. Till then have a nice day, remember to relax and from time to time it's good to have a doze of humor.

7 коментара:

  1. By the way I really do like Bear Grylls and it is a shame Discovery fired him. Not anyone can replace Bear.

  2. Nice post man, I can see you have humor.
    And about the clown. Poltergeist clown is the best!
    I also liked him in the Scary Movie 2.

    Keep up the posts!

  3. Definitely Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. I played that game since 90's and it rocks! Nice article.

  4. I agree, Poltergeist clown is pretty coooool.

  5. I can't remember the clown name, but I'll go with the clown from IT.. and I don't mean I.T. but IT!

  6. Sweet Tooth! Twisted Metal rocks and he's one of my favorite characters.
    Nice post btw.