четвртак, 19. април 2012.

Another one bites the dust!

Here we are with my second post, and right away I want to thank you for reading.
I was always wondering, why do people who try to do stupid stuff and end up failing, in most cases land on their face when they fall.
It definitely has something to do with gravity, but if they have no brain and are as stupid as we think they are. Why does their head hit the ground first?
Well they either get paralyzed like lambs that are being chased by hungry wolves and under some strange angle they fall to their face or they are huge Queen fans and they just want to bite the dust.

Let's not stay long on that subject and let's talk about something less stupid.
Like...like,like.. Nicki Minaj! Hahahah, Oh the irony!
No, but really, today something terrible happened. Not only did the TV legend Dick Clark die (R.I.P Clark), but also I lost my damn job, and I wanted you to read the exact dialog between my boss and me to see how it happened.

My boss: Hey, have you finished your work?
Me: Work, dork, fork, pork...
My boss: Seriously, have you finished it yet?
Me: Yet, pet, vet, net, let...
My boss: You can stop doing that because you still have to do your job, or I will fire you!
Me: You, two, sue, do...
My boss: You're fired.
Me: Fired, tired... Fuck...
(Sorry for the foul language but I really did say I was going to write the exact dialog.. or monologue)

Anyways, thank you for reading and I'll be with you again this Friday!
Here are your clown exceptions and thanks for commenting,
Skater-H2O ---- Poltergeist Clown
Mezmerizer ---- Sweet Tooth
DozyNoiseOfEcocamp ---- IT Clown

I would just like to add, take a few minutes of your day and visit Mezmerizer's channel. It's called "The Metal Rush" and if you are a fan of metal or just like all kinds of music and news, check out his channel. He has some cool news and opinions on latest happenings. He also reports after the shows he goes too!

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  1. Keep posting, I see already I will enjoy your future posts. Also thanks for promoting me!

  2. Have to agree with Mezmerizer, really nice posts and it's obvious that the readers, me included, will enjoy the future ones.

    By the way, will you always promote a blog? Or was it just this once?

    1. Whenever I find some Blogger friends who's posts I like, I will promote them in my posts. Though I am doing promotions only on Wednesdays, because for this Friday I have a special subject in mind and on Fridays I have a question for the "World" to answer in comments, like I did in my first post. So stay with me on Friday and next Wednesday I will promote you in my blog!
      Thanks for reading and commenting.